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Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, a K-12 public school system in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is making bold changes in the way we teach and the way students learn. Now in year seven of its 10-year strategic plan, the district is transforming its culture to provide the foundation that today’s students will need to be successful now and in life beyond high school.

GCISD’s strategic plan is called LEAD 2021, which stands for Leading Excellence-Action Driven. Through four core objectives – preparing students to be college and career ready, harnessing technology for learning, fostering citizenship and mutual respect, and building community involvement – the district is creating an innovative environment where students are inspired, encouraged and supported.

One of the exciting new initiatives of LEAD 2021 is the expansion of the use of technology in the classroom. What began as six digital classrooms have now expanded to all campuses being 1:1, meaning every student has a device on which they may complete assignments. 

GCISD maintains a long-standing commitment to educational excellence for all children. Building on its mission to be the BEST, the district continues increasing the level of rigor in classrooms to address expectations of the community and better prepare students for success in college and their future careers.

We employ multiple measures to assess student progress, such as scores on the ACT and SAT college readiness exams. Annually, GCISD student composite scores are significantly higher on the ACT and SAT than the scores at both the state and national averages on those assessments, which indicates a high level of college readiness. As our student participation in these tests continues to grow, our scores also continue to increase. GCISD graduates attend respected universities throughout the country, from Harvard to Stanford and many others in between.

Educators at GCISD are among the best
and have been finalists for Presidential honors, invited to attend the Supreme Court Summer Institute, and recognized by their peer organizations for excellence. Students earn top honors in math and science competitions, robotics, leadership, debate and speech, music and athletics, and literacy, just to name a few.

GCISD also is recognized for excellence in its purchasing, financial and operational practices. The district's Financial Services department consistently receives recognition for its high level of transparency and financial reporting from ASBO International, Government Finance Officers, and the Texas Comptroller.

The success of GCISD students – past, present and future – begins at home with the continued support of parents and community. The district is fortunate to have strong partnerships with civic organizations and businesses in our local community.

It is an exciting time in GCISD, and we look forward to continue serving alongside our community toward our mission to be The BEST. We are Building Excellent Schools Together!